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The software works great. I run three websites and it seems like I always need to convert a PDF because my website software won't post ads but it automatically resizes most other image files. I moved the image quality slider to the top of the scale and I get great images. It's a very handy utility and well worth the money. — Richard Elliott, Utah Career News

I loved the ability to convert PDF to JPG and it was so easy and so quick. I couldn't wait until I could use it on my new computer. I had difficulty in setting up the new computer but you were very attentive in assisting me - replying to all my emails within hours each time. ​ Finally, at my request, you phoned me, walked me through and in 2 minutes it was working. It was great doing business with you. — David B. Levine, MD, New York City

I am the office manager for a commercial real estate/property management company. My proposals contain floor plans, site plans, etc. and in order to incorporate this info in my proposals, I need to convert a PDF to a JPG in order to insert it. I wish I knew about this product sooner. — Donna Anderson, Weiss Realty Co., Inc.

I’m extremely happy with your programme. It does exactly what is says, and very efficiently. Also very easy to use. Glad I found it. — Lois Michel, City of Canada Bay Heritage Society

We get many files from our customers that are in PDF format. We need to upload these files to our website and we have to convert them (lots of them!) to JPEG format. Your program Multi PDF Converter saves us a ton of time. Thank you so much! — Gina L.

Brilliant piece of software! I'll be ordering another copy for my business PC.— Dale Tams, Birmingham, England

I'm a Sales Rep. My company prefers that we scan our expense receipts and email them in the PDF format. Other companies I do business with also require documentation of things be submitted as a PDF. Multi PDF Converter allows me to do this in large quantities. Since most of my documents are confidential, I have to do everything on my desktop. We simply can't risk uploading our docs to any unknown website.— Jonathyn Kraig

Your software is amazing and a most-needed tool. It was definitely one of my best computer-ware purchases. — Randolph Lyon, Author and Developer for Encyclopedia Dubuque

I'm using the program to convert PDF files generated by Bridge Composer to jpeg for diagrams in my weekly bridge column. The local newspaper requires 300 dpi JPEG images. Your program makes things easy in converting formats. Great job! — Barry R.

I needed help in using your program that would allow me to convert PDF photographs to JPG’s. As if we were on the same wave length, the phone rang and on answering, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was “Essex Software” calling me from the US to assist me with solving my problem.

The gentleman that I spoke to was so helpful and patient with me. His explanation on how to get the program up and running, was excellent. It just goes to show how well you treat your customers and I cannot Thank You enough for your expert guidance.

I would have no hesitation in letting other people know what “Essex Software” is all about and so ready to help and give technical support when requested. — Ken Goodburn (one very satisfied customer)

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